Luminomics Inc., (Augusta, GA) creates degenerative disease models in zebrafish that reveal how particular cells and tissue types regenerate in vertebrates. Moreover, our disease models enable high-throughput genetic and  pharmacological screens that solve the problem of identifying candidate drug targets rapidly and efficiently. 

Our patented transgenic zebrafish model system provides a unique platform for the discovery of molecular pathways that stimulate cell type specific regeneration.  Elucidation of these pathways facilitates informed drug screens that focus on discrete families of molecules - dramatically decreasing the time and cost of drug discovery.  Furthermore, insights into the genetic pathways employed to regenerate discrete cell types will be directly applicable to the field of stem cell therapeutics.

Drugs that are capable of promoting cell type specific regeneration in humans will represent actual cures for degenerative diseases and conditions

Our in-house emphasis is on neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinsonís and Alzheimerís Disease. However, our platform is applicable to any degenerative disease or condition.  Accordingly, we are actively pursuing partnerships with other companies interested in the problem of degenerative disease in order to provide them with model systems and/or screening services specifically designed to meet their drug discovery needs.